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European Medical Massage & Wellness is dedicated to maximizing your overall well being by carefully choosing techniques that fit your individual needs, promote healing and relaxation.


Our mission is to help people live their lives to their top potential by embodying true Wellness as a lifestyle through nutrition, cleansing and re-balancing. Let us help you to regain your health today!

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European Massage Company name change

The purpose for the European Massage Company name change and…

Our company has been seeing European Massage Co. for about five years now. We have staff of 7, who visit them on regular basis. With the combination of massage skills, hard work, dedication and European technique, we recommend European Massage Co. to everyone. Thank you for all your fantastic massages and your professionalism.

I have recently received the absolute pleasure of a 1.5 hour Hot & Cold Stone Therapy from Vladka at European Massage Co. It is difficult to describe because to be quite frank the experience left me speechless. Not only is her “presence “calming and centering, but her medical awareness of anatomy commanding. Vladka is a diamond in the rough.

I would recommend without hesitation Vladka McCalley, CMT for her massage therapy services at European Massage Company. Ms. McCalley’s skills and professionalism are of the highest level. I have personally experienced her work, as have many of my clients, and we are extremely satisfied with the outcomes.

I used to be one of those people who thought that massage was an unnecessary luxury! Boy was I wrong! After experiencing European Massage I learned that it can be truly therapeutic and is an invaluable tool to help with chronic pain and/or sports injury rehabilitation. Massage is now part of my regular routine to keep healthy and remain physically active.

I have been using massage professionals for 35 years and I have to say Vladka is one of the best. As a working senior I count on my massages to renew my energy so that I can return to my job refreshed and recharged. Vladka always delivers. Her medical massage techniques have been especially effective on my body. While these techniques require extra effort on her part the results have been consistently amazing. I feel like a new person after every session.

Vladka McCalley has been my massage therapist for the past three years. I came to her with several conditions that are chronic and on-going. I have tried many different things but my body responds well to massage therapy and my therapist is excellent at locating the exact areas that need work. She also explains what she is doing and why, thus helping me understand better how to help myself. She offers the most therapeutic and pleasant deep tissue massage that I’ve ever experienced and I always feel so much better after an hour spent in her capable hands. I schedule monthly sessions that have helped me to achieve optimal health in order to stay pain free and mobile.

I have utilized Vladka for massage therapy on my patients, as well as myself. Vladka is highly skilled, extremely experienced, uniquely trained, and I would recommend her to anyone looking an excellent massage therapist.

I cannot say enough good things about Vladka at European Massage Company. I started seeing her many years ago at the start of my career as a dentist. Throughout my years as a dentist and through three pregnancies she has kept me healthy. This is not your normal soft touch massage office. Vladka is amazing at being able to target the exact muscles that need to be worked on. I like knowing that she is providing great therapeutic results for me. I can’t stand paying for a massage and feeling like my skin is being tickled instead of massaged.

She is a absolute gem of a therapist and is a great resource for many other health and wellness topics. I would highly recommend European Massage Company to anyone I know!!